Jun 12

Why don’t I have a boyfriend? This is a common question many single girls today ask themselves and sometimes other people say this about you or you could even say this about someone else. ‘She is so beautiful, so smart, she has everything going for her but she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Since becoming Christian I have learnt so more

Mar 07

The first date can be a very scary experience, however you have gone though the hard yards which is actually getting to the date. Before the date we can get our self worked up into a frenzy with over thinking the date.     The questions can roll through our mind… What if he doesn’t like more

Mar 04

This might shock you, but here I go, I actually managed to date and get married without ever being sent one text message or responding to one text message, can you believe that!! Well that was 1988 and I didn’t have a phone back then, however I still managed it. The truth is text messaging is one more

Feb 13

VALENTINE’S DAY TIPS!! So it’s that time of year again, Valentines Day and it’s a day that can make some girls feel really sad or really happy, however I’m going to give you some tips to make feel happy no matter what happens. It’s a controversial day as it can appear to be very commercial and that can be more

Dec 13

I was listening to a Podcast recently for Parenting, my twins just turned 11 and apparently 11 is the new teenager!! Anyway, he was talking about reacting and responding. He used a great analogy that if you go to the doctor for a check up and he says you are; reacting to the medication – that is bad responding to more

Nov 21

Watching TV is not something that I do that often, too busy studying!! The 60 Minutes program came on and it was about the girl that fell to her death from a balcony after meeting a guy on Tinder. (Australian 60 Minutes) What a tragedy, how sad for her family. What ran through my mind was, if I had been able more

Nov 13

Why do guys act the way they do??? I have this question asked of me a lot. Guys can be so difficult to understand because they are so different to girls, however God made it this way for a very good reason. One thing that guys do when dating is to ‘Test’ a girl. This more

Oct 23

Why is dating so hard? Why do guys disappear? Why do guys say one thing and do another? Why can’t I find a boyfriend? Why don’t my relationships last? Why is my boyfriend not proposing? Why does my husband not want to be affectionate with me? Why won’t my boyfriend commit? Why does my boyfriend more

Sep 16

This is a question I am sure a lot of girls would like to know the answer. Online Dating is a great way to meet guys and more importantly it is great way to ‘practice your dating skills’   There are girls that simply don’t want to try Online Dating whether this is because they more

Sep 01

OK, so here I go, I am about to embark on a totally different journey for my life and I am really excited. If you have been reading my newsletters for some time you will know that I have been on an amazing personal spiritual journey, becoming a Christian and being baptised. If someone had of said to more

Aug 10

Before the start of my first session with Coaching my clients I ask them all to buy a hard cover journal book. This statement above is on the front cover of one of my clients books and we must make this statement about 20 times during each session when we are going through responses and more

Aug 02

Standards and Boundaries!!   Ok end of newsletter. I’m only kidding, however that is really the answer. The question I get asked a lot is how do I become a guys dream girl and not the casual girl?   There are several things to keep in mind as to why a guy wants a serious more

Jul 28

Have you ever wondered why some girls get all the dates and some don’t. Why some girls that perhaps aren’t as pretty as others, some girls that haven’t as much money as others, some girls that don’t have as good of a body as others some girls that aren’t as intelligent as others   Yet more

Jul 05

I have learnt more about life in the last 18 months than I have in the last 47 years. So much makes sense to me now and I owe all this to reading and understanding the Bible which is the most amazing book you will ever read, it is a manual for how to have more

Jun 23

How blessed I was to receive this letter below from a client who explains in her own words how to find love. Sometimes we think following ‘Rules’ or guidelines is like playing games, however having standards and boundaries with dating protects you from being hurt.   When dating you have to do very little, which more

May 13

  Have you lost Hope and Faith? Today I am writing my newsletter whilst sitting in a coffee shop, I come here often to work as I can think clearly with no distractions. The waitress sees me often and we got to talking about what I do. Of course she was very interested as she more

May 13

I am sorry I haven’t written for a while as I went on a technology free holiday with my twins. It was a great opportunity to reflect on life, take a break from ‘the world’ and think about how I can help my clients and the readers of my newsletter. One of the things I more

Mar 03

So he broke up with you and you are devastated!! You don’t think you are going to meet anyone like him ever again. You didn’t know about ‘The Rules’ or how to date and you have made so, so many mistakes. If only I had a second chance, if only I could show him how more

Feb 26

Each week when it comes time to write my newsletter I sit and contemplate what has been going on with my clients and how I have been able to help them. Since I have been going through this amazing Spiritual Transformation I see dating and relationships so clearly. I see the clients that achieve the more

Feb 22

February 14th comes around very quickly whether you are in a relationship or single. Valentine’s Day can mean many different things to many different girls. Valentine’s Day can be a blessing to both singles and girls in a relationship. Let me explain…. When you are married it can act as a reminder to show appreciation more

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