Danielle, Connecticut

I have been working with Lyn for almost a year now. I have to admit I was the ultimate rule breaker before I met her even though I thought I knew the rules. I’ve read the books and knew all the rules but when it came to putting them into practice I failed. It was really hard for me to break old habits.

My biggest downfall…

I’m needy, emotional, and I crave reassurance and validation. To my surprise this was very clear to the men I was dating and that’s why I’ve had failed relationship after failed relationship. Lynn helps me develop coping skills to deal with my anxiety during times when I would seek validation and reassurance from a man. I’ve learned through practice that this only pushes men away. There were many times when I would argue with Lyn and say I don’t want to play games, I feel like the rules don’t work, I feel like men are doing the rules on me.

But every time I took her advice and followed her guidelines she never failed me and I always ended up with less anxiety and feeling more confident and more in control. I can’t even tell you how many times I called Lyn in tears saying it’s not working, he doesn’t love me, I’m pushing him away and Lyn would bring me back to reality and say you’re not being honest with yourself you haven’t been following the rules strictly. And when I thought about it I wasn’t. And then all of a sudden everything just clicked and made sense. I broke every rule only to learn that breaking the rules doesn’t work, and I’ve learned that doing the rules gets me what I want and gets him crazy about me.

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