Kiran, Melbourne

Lyn has been an inspirational and motivating dating coach. I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to approach my dating life with respect and dignity by applying the Rules.

In the first few weeks of coaching, Lyn was able to dissect all my text messages and pinpoint to me mistakes, I have been making unknowingly. She is critical and makes you think again about each and every thing you do or say while getting to know a man. She has thought me ways to identify time wasters quickly. She has given me the courage and ability to say NO in a relationship.
Since I am divorced and am back in the dating scene, she has encouraged me to put myself out there and attend single events and speed dating events. I was very hesitant to attend such events on my own but Lyn gave me confidence and courage and I attended two such events. It was a good avenue to assist me in practicing my tone and watch how other non-rules girls approached men.

I have truly benefitted from Lyn’s coaching and would put everything I learnt into use in my search for Mr Right. I have practised the rules and have seen it work all through the help of Lyn!

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