Sheyda, The Netherlands

After being heartbroken once again, I decided that something needed a drastic change. I was determined to figure out exactly what it was that I had been doing wrong in my relationships. I didn’t want to go through such a thing ever again.

When I came across Lyn’s website on a list for Certified Dating and Relationship Coaches, instinctively, I knew that I had to contact HER. Something told me that “this woman is going to change my life”.

Initially, I received a complimentary session, which was great because I had the chance to get to know Lyn and her approach and she was able to listen to my story and my questions and give an honest opinion in whether she would be able to help me.

Even though I live in the Netherlands, it has never been a problem to book a session despite our busy schedules and despite the time difference! I bought a consultation package and throughout our weekly sessions, Lyn told me what I had been doing wrong with this guy I was/am in love with. She told me the reasons why my approach(es) didn’t work with any guy and on top of that she also recommended me tons of really great and informative e-books about dating and men.

Above all, she is so patient and so wise! I really haven’t met anyone who has this much knowledge about men and relationships. We went through every conceivable and occurred scenario and we also discussed my received texts/emails from guys. We discussed the right strategy and more importantly, the reasons why.

From the first session on, my whole perspective on relationships, dating and men has been changed. I have grown as a person and as a woman and today, 3 months later, I am a new and improved person.

The best gift Lyn has given to me is self-esteem about the fact that from this point on I am sure that I won’t be making the same mistakes again and I won’t attract the wrong men anymore. She has taught me how to act and how to think and I have her for guidance, so I’m assured of a happy ending!

Thank you my dear coach Lyn!

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