Tania, Sydney

I read my first Rules book on New Year’s Day 2012, about two years after a girlfriend had mentioned it to me. In March 2014, I married the man of my dreams. It wasn’t an easy road. Even after reading The Rules and trying them out, I thought I could tailor them to my own ideas of what should work. I broke a few and bent some others and although dating was getting better, I still needed to get it right.

Finally, about six months down the track, I decided it was going to be all or nothing. And wow, did it make a difference!

But I still needed help. Putting the words of a good book into practice is only as good as your self-determination but is limited by the lack of experience you have. About a month after I met the man I married, I found Lyn. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that without her, I would probably not have married this man. Even if I had married him, it would not have been as amazing as it is. Like Lyn always said to me, “You don’t just want a husband. You want an incredible husband and an incredible marriage.” She taught me the day-to-day techniques of having a relationship with a man and took me to a new level well beyond the theory. I knew that this man was probably a keeper but I had to take my self-discipline and emotional control to a place that was unlike any other creature he had ever met. Lyn was invaluable as I discussed with her my own situations and predicaments and every time, she gave me the most wonderful, effective advice.

It was all about setting firm boundaries that I never strayed from, all the while, staying light and breezy. My husband tells me repeatedly that one of the reasons he loves me so much is that I am just so easy to be with. He continually expresses how he has never been so happy and that he is so passionately in love, like he’d dreamed about all his life but never thought possible. To me, The Rules are about accepting men as they are, understanding that they are different to women and then learning how to get into the flow of a relationship: allowing it to be what it is, and allowing him to do what he is going to do, all because he truly loves you and wants to do it, not because he is feeling any pressure or obligation to you. It has been the most incredible thing to witness first hand. It’s all thanks to Lyn. She showed me, and continues to show me how to make it work, how to be the best I can be and, in turn, bring out the best in him, to have the most amazing marriage I could have ever dreamed of. I want everyone to get out of the dating jungle and experience the joy that I have found with my husband.

Lyn can show you the way!

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