Another Wedding How Did She Do It?

Another Wedding How Did She Do It?!!

 Last weekend saw another Dating Angel Client’s wedding, she looked so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Not only because she looked so beautiful but because I remember where she was at when she first called me. She had broken up with her boyfriend of 6 years and was feeling really sad, like many girls she thought if she hung around long enough he would eventually marry her, however in most cases the opposite is actually true.

She had tried dating herself and it wasn’t going very well, like a lot of girls it’s easy to fall for the sweet, smooth words of a manipulator and controller.

She decided she needed to make some changes, bought a copy of The Rules Book, (highly recommend this) read it, then found me on their website and as they say the rest is history.

During the journey we took together there was times of times of disappointment but mainly there was lots of laughs and good times.

She met some really great guys, some that would have married her however just not the right fit for her. Whilst working together this is the areas that she worked on and what made the difference for her was the following;

*  She wasn’t going to accept any bad behaviour, a rude message and bye bye, a sexual message and bye bye, being aggressive and bye bye

 *  She didn’t contact any guys first no matter how cute they were or perfect they seemed online, however it was very tempting

 *  She didn’t get upset for too long if it didn’t work out, ok there was some kleenex used but not the whole box

 *  She wasn’t going to call or chase a guy, if he didn’t call back there was a reason for this and she believed that God had blocked it for a reason

 * She wasn’t going to sleep with him until her wedding night, there was no overnight dates, no sleeping in the same bed together, she simply waited to give her husband the very special gift of making love to her

 * She had a great attitude, she has trust and faith that it would happen for her with time and patience. Did she always feel like this, probably not but sometimes she knew she had to fake it until she made it.

* She didn’t give up, she didn’t take a break

 * She made sure it didn’t become hard work, the dates were organised close to home after work and times that were convenient to her.

 * She didn’t change her morals, boundaries and standards just because the world says it is 2019 and this is what everybody else does.

Was this easy, yes and no but she had had her heart broken and wasn’t going to allow that to happen again, she was discipled, determined and uncompromising.

We love our job, we love to see the happy endings, in fact we have actually lost count of all the wedding over the past 10 years, maybe we should start keeping all the wedding invites!!

Please don’t lose hope, you don’t have to go through this alone, we are here to help you.

Love Krystal and Lyn

P.s. One of clients just announced she is 3 months pregnant, how exciting another Dating Angel Baby on the way!!

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