Are You Ready For Your Future Husband


Are You Ready For Your Future Husband!!

Many years ago I watched a movie called “Field Of Dreams’ and there was a great quote in the movie that said “build it and they will come’

This is a great way to look at your dating life too.

Are you ready for when your future husband contacts you, are you ready when he comes into your path?

One of the things that I did when I was single was to make a place in my wardrobe for my future husband, as most girls I have lots of clothes and needed that space but I wanted to “build it so he will come’ and this space is exactly where my husband hangs his clothes!!

There are some practical things that you can do to help….

Even though I repeat myself often, however it does need repeating, is to practice the following things that are very attractive to a guy, you can practise these things everyday with the guys you meet, it could be the butcher, the guy at the petrol station, the guy that makes your coffee or even the guy you work with, but everyday is an opportunity to get ready for your future husband…

Practise saying thank you and I appreciate, there are no sweeter words to a guy, quite often when I go to a restaurant and I have had a really nice meal I will say to the waiter to thank the chef for making a lovely dinner.

Even when one of the guy at work does something helpful for you practise saying ‘I really appreciate your help’

If you are dating and the guy pulls out your chair for you practise saying ‘I really appreciate you being such a gentleman’

If you go to a regular coffee shop you could say thank you to the guy that remembers your order ‘I really appreciate that you remember my favourite coffee’

Practise being positive, if a guy says ‘it’s a terrible day out there’ don’t say ‘yes it’s bad’ say something different like ‘Oh, I like these days it makes me want to snuggle up and watch Netflixs’ Even though the guy is negative try to be positive yourself.

Practise your tone of voice, use a sweet, bright, positive voice but not too loud.

Once you get into the habit of practising these things you will notice a difference to how guys respond to you.

How do you dress, do you look feminine?
Most of the guys I know tell me they like a girl to wear a dress.

Do you wear makeup when you go out?
I know lots of girls say he should like me for my personality, however the truth is we feel more confident and prettier when we wear makeup, it is a great way to show off the beautiful features God gave you.

Do you keep in shape, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours and hours in the gym obsessing about your weight and size, however you could make some small changes. Go for a walk, park further away and cut the food you currently eat in half if you need to lose some weight. Once again you will feel more confident. God made us to be a particular weight that is right for us, if we eat within hunger and fullness we can get to the right weight. There is a great book to help with this (The Weigh Down Diet Book) This is an area I personally struggle with and this has helped me. I know this is a controversial subject and a guy should love you for your personality but this is for your health and quality of life, you will enjoy your dating so much more not to mention have lots more clothes and guys to choose from.

A girl that has a sweet tone, who is positive, bright and breezy is going to have much better chance of finding a husband than a girl that is stunning but is negative.

During our coaching calls we role play with our clients to teach them how they sound to a guy and how they come across to a guy. Once we go through this, it is amazing the results.

One of our clients who is very attractive and had been on heaps of first and second dates but no relationships, with coaching we were able to pin point where she was going wrong. Not long after this she met her future husband, got married and they now have a baby together (she was 37 when she came to us)

If you are wondering where you might be going wrong, you could schedule a Free Session with us, let’s get to the bottom of it!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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