Attracting The Right Guy

Facebook has it’s benefits but sometimes it can be really tricky when navigating the dating side of it.

You may have someone on your Facebook feed pop up and say
‘someone you might know’
it could be a blast from a past, it could be an ex who perhaps regrets letting you go.

If you have a Facebook page it would be a good idea to go over your Facebook and all your social media sites and give them a clean up.

So what do I mean by that. 

Go through your page and your posts as if you are looking at it through your potential future husband’s eyes.

Is there some thing on there that would put him off? 

These may include;

     *  Unflattering photos
     *  Negative comments
     *  Complaining
     *  Belittling other people
     *  Using swear words
     *  Photos of drinking or getting drunk

Think to yourself, if someone was to read my social media page and posts what conclusion would they have about me?

It doesn’t mean that you write things that aren’t true or paint yourself in a different light that you actually are, it doesn’t mean you to have all professional photos, your social media sites can be useful in a way to encourage others and it could be a great way to attract the right guy.

We all go through ‘stuff’, maybe it’s a good time to look at what happens as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Over the years I have learnt through the trial and tests of life I come out the other side a better person, even though in the middle of it I find it hard to see that side. 

Guys are attracted to positive girls, even if you have bad stuff going on there is always an opportunity to be grateful for something.

When a girl complains, a guy goes into problem solving mode and it becomes hard work for him.

Be the girl a guy would want to date.

When you post something on your social media site, think before you post,
don’t think to yourself;

       ‘who cares, I want guys to love me for me’

I would love to tell you that it doesn’t matter, however it does.

Wouldn’t you want to have a social media page that you are proud of that shows you as a kind person that no matter what is going on, that you have a positive attitude to life.

It shows confidence, that you are not going to fall apart when life’s storms come your way.

That is really, really attractive to a guy, that is what he wants his future wife to be like.

This is also true outside in the world when he knows you or sees you face to face.

When a guy may be interested in you he has a tendency to ask around about you or watch you from a distance.

He may watch how you interact with other guys and other girls.

If he interested in a having a serious relationship he would be thinking consciously and consciously;

‘what kind of wife would she make’.

I have several male friends and asked them what puts them off from asking a girl out or wanting to have a serious relationship with them. 

I am not talking about a ‘hook up’ or being the Casual Girl, this is about the Dream Girl.

This is what they said that would put them off;

     *  A girl who drinks too much
     *  A girl who swears
     *  A girl who wears too much makeup
     *  A girl who has too much ‘work done’
     *  A girl has too big lip enhancements
     *  A girl who dresses too provocatively
     *  A girl who is loud
     *  A girl who chases them 
     *  A girl who suggests sex or sleeps with them too soon

To a guy this can come across as a girl who is trying too hard and to get the balance can be difficult.

Try to make the most of your looks however there is no need to go overboard, sometimes we dress and act in a certain way to make us popular with other girls forgetting that it might be putting guys off.

What guys like in a girl is;

     *  A girl who uses a soft tone of voice
     *  A girl who is kind to other people
     *  A girl who speaks nicely about other people
     *  A girl who is willing to wait to have sex  
     *  A girl who doesn’t care of his reaction 
     *  A girl who is confident enough not to call or text first

The big take away is be the girl you want the guy to marry would date.

Love Lyn x

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