Can You Believe He Chose No One

Can you believe he chose no one??


So the answer to the question is, it was a surprise to some and not to others.

This happened on the final episode of The Bachelor Australia where he chose neither girl at the finale.

My heart goes out to the girls on The Bachelor as it really is not going to work, The Bachelorette yes, but not The Bachelor where they are encouraged to act in their masculine.

One of my clients was asked to go on The Bachelor and my advice was to get out of there as quickly as possible. Even the short time she was on the show left her with emotional scars. One of the main reasons why these girls were so emotionally scared and devastated is because they are acting in a masculine way instead of a feminine way.

The Rules book was written to protect us from being hurt, one of the suggestions is to let him initiate (waiting until he says I love you first), however on The Bachelor the girls are encouraged to pour their heart out before it is too late, initiating how they are feeling, acting in a masculine way.

These two intelligent, beautiful girls poured their heart out and told him exactly how they felt before hearing it from him.

One previous girl opted to leave the show as she wasn’t prepared to show her feeling until he had told her how he felt.

So what does this have to do with you?

There are some really good lessons to be learnt here for understanding the difference between men and women and acting in a masculine way and acting in a feminine way.

Let’s look at some of them….

The reality is Nick (Bachelor) already knew as soon as he met the girls if they were the one for him….

They could dress as stunning as they could, he wasn’t going to change his mind,

They could tell him they were falling in love with him, he wasn’t going to change his mind,

They could participate in challenges that they were not comfortable with, he wasn’t going to change his mind,

They could fight tooth and nail during challenges to win more time with him, he wasn’t going to change his mind,

They could kiss him in an intimate and passionate way, he wasn’t going to change his mind

I watched an interview with Nick after the finale and he said he knew he would be considered a jerk if he didn’t picked one girl and he would be considered a jerk if he chose one girl only to end it later, I was impressed that he was a gentleman and chose not to lead the girls on any further.

Maybe in your relationship you are trying to get the guy to change his mind about you. Maybe he complains that you don’t text him enough. Please girls, just say ‘Oh, ok, I’ll try harder’ as soon as you start acting in a masculine way (texting him first and or often,) it shows too much interest and can make him lose interest.

Many people don’t realise that dating is a skill that needs to be learnt. We can continue to have a go ourselves and hope for the best or we can ask for help. We are here to help and hold your hand, we love to help take the anxiety out of dating and showing girls how it can be fun again.

In The Bible it encourages us to seek counsel

Krystal and Lyn

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