Dating Success!!

Dating Success!!

 In dating and relationships and even if life we always have choices. God gave us free will but he also said that ‘Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial’. There is so much wisdom in that one statement that we can apply it to all ares of our life and especially dating and relationships.

So what are some of the choices that we can make that can lead to Dating Success.
There are so many that I’m not really sure where to start but here I go….

Is your glass half full or half empty?
Are you trying to have a pity party with yourself?
I know you have been really badly hurt by a guy and I know that you don’t ever think you are going to get over the pain and find love again, but you will. Start by telling yourself you will and believe it, even if that’s not how you feel to begin with, it’s amazing how much better it will make you feel with practise.

Look back over the breakup and the past relationship, learn from your mistakes, try to look at it as an exciting opportunity to know what to do different next time, we are always here to help and guide you.

Life can pass us by very quickly and days, months and years spent beating ourselves up about what we did wrong or the guy that got away isn’t going to change the situation. There are lots of guys out there, try to flip your attitude when you feel sad, what’s the opposite, I’m happy that I didn’t waste anymore time and that there are lots more guys to date.

Look at me as an example, I was so devastated when my husband died but I always felt blessed that I had known him and been married to him for as long as I was. I always believed I would marry again and I online dated, went to lots of singles parties and on lots of dates. It would have been so easy to be ‘poor me’. Yes, I was very sad and grieved but I knew that no amount of crying or complaining about ‘why me’ was going to bring him back, I needed to know the truth and realise I still had the rest of my life to live. Even if I didn’t meet the right guy I didn’t want to look back with any regret that I didn’t at least try to meet someone.

How blessed I am that I met my amazing husband and we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary this Sunday. One of things he still loves about me to this day is my positive attitude even when life gets tough.

There is always a silver lining, after a storm comes a rainbow and through every struggle we become stronger and better people. So no more tears girls, time to get off the couch, away from the ice cream and Netflix and think about how exciting the future  will be, maybe you might need shades!!

An attitude of gratitude no matter how small it may be can make all the difference to dating success.

Focus on all the great things about you and how blessed the right guy will be to share his life with you. Picture your wedding day, picture you pregnant with your child growing inside you, picture yourself as a Mum and Wife.

If that is or isn’t in the future for you, enjoy the journey no matter what it may bring, go on some dates, have some fun, you have nothing to lose, you won’t be more single!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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