A lot of prayer and thought goes into writing my blog each week, I really want to speak the truth from my heart in love.

One thing I repeat is ‘please don’t shoot the messenger’, so many times I say I wish I could tell you something different, I wish I could tell you that this is 2019 and guys are different today, but the truth is they are not.

Guys like to ‘court’ girls, they like to pick them up and take them out for dinner, they like to buy them flowers. What has changed in 2019 is girls accepting bad behaviour, accepting lazy guys and accepting friends with benefits, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We coach guys also, they are telling us;

they want a wife,
they want a serious relationship,
they want a girl they have to work for and wait for.
they want a girl that isn’t seperate for attention
They want a girl that wouldn’t accept bad behaviour
they want a girl that knows her value and isn’t willing to compromise

This isn’t what the average guy on the street will tell you or your male friend will tell you, they most likely to say;

I wouldn’t date a girl for 3 months without sex,
I wouldn’t date a girl that didn’t ask me out,
I wouldn’t date a girl that didn’t tell me how much she lies me,
I wouldn’t date a girl unless she flirted with me,
I wouldn’t date a girl if she only responded to text messages with 5 words,
I wouldn’t date a girl that organise dates too,
I wouldn’t date a girl that doesn’t flirt with me first. 
I wouldn’t date a girl that didn’t contact me first

However, even thought they saw this their actions would say otherwise. If they met a girl who was their Dream Girl all of the above wouldn’t matter, it would ‘operation get that girl’ They wouldn’t care if she didn’t message them as long as they said yes to the dates.

Girls please don’t fall for the lie that this is 2019 and it’s just the way it is now. We have so much success with what we do and the girls we coach through training and knowledge know the truth and it sets them free to date with boundaries, standards and not to mention fun.

The anxiety stops when you respond and don’t initiate, the anxiety goes when you know the truth.

My Mum is 85 and she said when she was younger guy tried to get away with bad behaviour even back then, I guess the Father on the porch with the shot gun put then off from trying it again!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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