Finding Love

Finding Love!!

 I’m not sure if we have told you before, but we love our job!!

It’s funny to see the look on people’s faces when we tell them what we do, however our job is really really important to us and you.

Life can be hard sometimes and one of the main areas of anxiety is dating and relationships. The part of our job we love the most is helping girls going from unnecessary hurt and more importantly wasted time to happy marriages.

With the invent of social media and texting it brings blessings and curses and can lead to a lot of unnecessary anxiety and pain, it is a way that manipulators and controllers can manipulate and control you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We see a lot of guys keeping the girls on the hook by just giving enough to keep the girls hopeful with no progress forward.

Let me explain;

*  He may give you the impression he likes you and wants a relationship        with you because he likes all your posts

*  He may text a lot or everyday

*  He may use sweet words like ‘Babe’

*  He may hint of a date and when you say you’d love to catch up there is an excuse why he can’t

*  He may never call you and says he isn’t much of a caller

Let me tell you this is not the behaviour of a guy that wants a serious relationship with you leading to marriage.

You, at every point of interaction with the guy are either the Dream Girl or The Casual Girl. If you are The Casual Girl it will only be a matter of time before he disappears and he takes your heart with him.

I know it is really hard and please don’t shoot the messenger, I wish I could tell you something different however the truth is if the guy wants a serious relationship with you he won’t be satisfied with texting and liking posts, he will want to see you face to face, get to know you, feel the chemistry, he will actually ask you out on a date and follow through.

Everything else is wishful thinking, it is actually really cruel to keep a girl hanging on by a guy just for his own selfish needs whether that be his ego or manipulation. Girls you are way way better than that. You are way better off to be single than in a time wasting toxic relationship.

There are so many great guys out there, how many stories have we heard of when a girl lets go of the wrong guy that she meets the right one.

Know your worth, know you value, act in your feminine which is;

Is he good enough for me?
What is his character like?
Is he trying to string me along?
Blah, Blah, Blah where is my date?
Is he only interested in communicating with me when he has been drinking?
Is he only interested in communicating with me when he is bored?
Is he only interested in communicating with me when he nothing else to do?
Does he only communicate via text?
Does he get angry when he can’t manipulate and control me?
Does his actions back up his words?

There would be no ‘bad boys’ out there if girls didn’t accept bad behaviour, take a stance today that you won’t be strung along, say bye bye, you will be doing the next girl a huge favour.

Lets help encourage each other to wait until a guy appreciates the awesomeness of you!!

This does work, we see it time and time again, have trust, hope and faith.

Pray for guidance, pray for courage, if you need to face the truth and move on, God will hold one hand and we will hold the other.

Love Krystal and Lyn

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