Hang In There

Hang In There!!


We can be so tempted to ‘Break The Rules’

We can be so tempted to just give up.

We see our other girlfriends who break all ‘The Rules’ and have heaps of dates and always seem to have a boyfriend, however when we stick to ‘The Rules’ so many guys disappear.

I hear this all the time when I am coaching girls and I have to remind them of the truth. One thing to remember is to compare is to despair and when we do compare we need to compare the whole picture not just the best bits.

Your friends may have lots of dates however ……

how many of those turn into serious committed relationships leading to a happy marriage,
how many times have these friends cried on your shoulder with yet another broken heart,
how much anxiety do these friends have with not knowing how the guys feels about them,
how much work is it for them to make it easy for the guy and do most of the organising
how much anxiety do they have with the constant waiting to see if he is going text, call, ask them out or dump them.

It can take time, however remember you only are wanting to meet one guy to become your husband for the rest of your life and quality is always better than quantity.

You may not have 20 guys a day texting you, however you aren’t wasting hours of your day texting back time wasters who only want their ego stroked.

You may be getting guys who stop responding online, however the guys that are responding are of a better quality and asking you on dates not just mindless messaging.

You might be in a time of not many responses, but that time will pass or you may need for us to have a look and your profile to see what we can improve on. If you don’t have a Online Profile because of a bad experience or not sure what to do we can help you with that also.

When coaching my clients they are tempted to give up and want to take a break. I ask them to take a break from what, they have nothing to lose with keeping their online profile up, it isn’t in most cases it isn’t costing them anything and ‘They can’t be any more single” your already single.

Rather than having expectations just take each day as it comes each guy as they come along, take your time and evaluate each guy one by one, don’t be in a hurry to swipe or say no in between doing other things.

Sit down and really look through their profile and don’t be tempted to say no just because it’s a bad selfie!!

The right guy will always react the right way to this process and the wrong guy will react in the wrong way.

You may not have had lots of ‘boyfriends’ however you also haven’t had lots of  anxiety or broken hearts either.

Hang in there, have trust and faith that the right guy is out there for you. Don’t be tempted to give up, don’t be tempted to contact him first or ask him out, it simply won’t work in the long run.

One of my clients was dating for a couple of years and was losing hope until the right guy came along, her comment was ‘I can’t believe how well this works, I’m really surprised, it is so different to the other guys, it is exactly as you said it would happen’.

They are now in a serious relationship and about to meet his family.

Your are more precious than jewels and any guy would be blessed to have you, keep reminding yourself of this.

It’s not too late to make changes with the way you date or the relationship you are currently in, no matter how much of a mess it might seem.

Today is the day you might need an Angel to hold your hand!!

Krystal and Lyn
The Dating Angels

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