How Do I Know If He Is Mr Right?

How Do I Know If He Is Mr Right?!!

This is a great question to ask and this is what was asked at our latest seminar.

We need to act in our feminine and part of that is to think “Is he right for me?” not,
‘I hope he likes me?’

Think of yourself as an awesome company
‘Jane Incorporated’;
and the guys is a potential employee coming along with his resume.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration if you would interview him (date him).
We tell our Online Clients when thinking of responding to a guy to look for the following,
Is he in the right age range (either 5 years younger or older, you could also stretch this to 8 years either way)
Is he in the right location, not more than 1 hours drive away,
Does he smoke (if this is a deal breaker for you)
Does he have or want children (if this is a dealbreaker for you)
Next check his profile to see what he has written, is it weird, too sexual or narcissistic,
The last thing to look at is the photo, as I have mentioned many times you could be pleasantly surprised when you meet him.

Once you get to the date there are several things to be aware of and the main one is;
What is his character like?;
How does he treat the waiter or waitress,
How does he speak about his ex girlfriend or Ex Wife,
How does he speak about other people,
Does he try to make fun of you and pretend it was a joke,
Does he say something to make you feel uncomfortable,
Does he do something to make you feel uncomfortable,
Is he dropping any hints about sex,
Does he swear,
Does he make fun of your faith if the subject is bought up,
Is his faith radically different to yours,
Is he a gentleman that treats you like a lady,
Does he pay the bill,
Does he ask you out again or simply say ‘Text me if you want to catch up again’ Do you have a physical attraction to him (I don’t mean just lust)These things will help you decide if he is worthy of another date, just like when looking for an employee you would decide if they are worthy of another interview. These things are a start, if you go beyond Date Zero then these things are still what you would look for. By date 5 If you aren’t texting him first, If you aren’t asking him out, If you aren’t seeing him more than once a week, If you aren’t sleeping with him then it is highly likely you are the Dream Girl which means he is thinking of marrying you otherwise he wouldn’t stick around, it’s up to you as the girl to be the selector and to decide if this man is worthy of being your future husband and the father of your future children or the ones you already have. The main thing to focus on is what is his character like, this is the glue that holds the marriage together, looks and lust will fade. Girls, please don’t be hung up on I hope he likes me, your the girl he should be showing you with his actions that he sees you as his future wife, don’t hang around and waste your very precious time with a man that is not worthy of you, there are plenty more out there!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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