How Does The Right Guy Behave?

How Does The Right Guy Behave?

There is a saying that I like to tell me clients and that is that you have lots of time, but no time to waste with a time waster!!

Unfortunately there are lots of time wasters out there and I think myself included, I can tell you that I have wasted my time thinking that the guy will change, they rarely do,

I read somewhere the only thing you can change about a man is his wardrobe and that’s not aways true either, maybe the other saying is better, the only thing you can change about a male is his nappy!!

Time is such a precious commodity that we can never get back. As I get older I realise that time flies by so fast, already half my life is over!!

I love my job and I take what I do very seriously, I understand how sad it is when a client comes to me at 42 and wants to find a husband and start a family, when I ask about her dating and relationship history there is usually a long term relationship in there somewhere, someone that had wasted a lot of her very precious time, perhaps stringing her along that one day they will get married.

It is a very serious thing to consider that we do have a biological clock and our time is limited to become a Mum. I am not saying this to upset you, I am coming from a place of love, let me wrap my arms around you as a caring big sister to let you know that time is precious and time is something we can’t get back.

I really don’t want you to have that ‘if only I knew syndrome’. I know better than anyone what is feels like when you are running out of time. My husband died when I was 32, I knew I always wanted a family.

I dated badly, wasted my time with time wasters and then read The Rules Book, got smarter, got a Coach and praise God I was blessed with twins at 39 years of age. There is hope for you.

What I really want you to do is to sit quietly, pray and be brave enough to ask yourself, is the guy I am with wasting my time.

This can just as important if you have been with them for 5 years or you haven’t even met them yet from your Online profile. If a guy is serious in getting to know you, he will ask you out within 4 messages, if not, it’s bye bye. If a guy is serious about marrying you he will ask you within 12 months if not then it’s bye bye.

So many girls think the longer they hang around the more likely he will ask, however the opposite is true. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, why would you want to take the risk. It is like running a red light, maybe you won’t crash or get a ticket, by why take the unnecessary risk.

This might be really hard for you, It’s easy for me to sit back and give suggestions and I am not in love with the guy, it’s not easy to think about moving out if you have bought all furniture together and are both on the lease, but it can be done with someone holding your hand and guiding you through the process, that’s why we became Coaches, we don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did, we don’t want you to be one of the girls that it was too late for them to become a Mum.

Even if you don’t meet someone you can look back with no regrets, you can look back and say I did my best, I was out there dating, didn’t date anyone for more than a year, Sometimes it is not in God’s plan and that’s ok, but we need to tell ourselves the truth are we wasting our precious time with a time waster.

The right guy will act in the right way, he will step up, ask you out and ask you to marry hime, your job is to simply respond when he asks and be prepared to walk away if he isn’t asking you out or asking you to be his wife.

Both Krystal and I have lovely husbands, we were both prepared to walk away from what wasn’t right to make way for what was.

My Mum always told me when one door closes, another one opens and it is always better.

Have trust and faith, he’s out there looking for you.

Love Krystal and Lyn 

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