How To Get Better Quality Guys On Dating Apps?

One of my clients inspired me to write this week’s post and hope that their results can be an inspiration to you too.

During my coaching sessions one of the first things that I go through is the dating profile, beginning with the photos. So many clients resist wanting to change the photos for a variety number of reasons and some of them include the following;

If I have a glamorous photo he might be disappointed when he meets me as I don’t look like that all the time?

Let me address this one first, there is a difference between a professional photo shoot that bings out the best of you and the best of your features compared to a very heavily edited photo that makes you look 10 kilo’s lighter and 10 years younger, as tempting as that might be.

I am currently travelling and as we need to book hotels we look at the photos first. The resorts look great in the photos and when we get there they may not look as entirely glamorous as the glossy brochure, however they are still great and when the staff are so lovely and the resort is very similar we are not disappointed. If they were to use ‘snapshots’ without much effort we not have booked the resort and missed out on staying at a great place. The photos got us there and the resort did the rest.

Just like with dating, the photos will get you to the date and being bright, breezy and friendly on the date will make it all worth it for the guy.

So after much discussion and encouragement my client took the plunge and had a professional photo shoot, I explained that it isn’t a waste, not only is it a good idea for your Dating Profile it is also good as a gift idea (us Mum’s love a photo of our children) and a great keepsake too.

This is what she wrote….

‘I’ve had the new photos on Tinder for 24 hours and it is blowing up!! some guys are even suggesting meeting in the first message’

I understand that not everyone can afford a professional photo shoot and if that is you, get dressed up, hair and make up done and ask a friend to take some photos of you preferably against a blank wall. If you can afford a photo shoot it will make a big difference.

Men are about the visual and they will make a decision about whether you could be the one in a matter of seconds by looking at the photos.

When I coach men I ask them when they are looking at the photos to think out loud as to why they are saying yes or no to a girl and this is some of the remarks they make why the girl is a no…..

So many photos and she looks different in them
I don’t want to date a drinker and she is holding alcohol in the photo
She hasn’t made much effort
The photo isn’t clear I can’t see what she looks like
I don’t like girls who take selfies
I can’t see what she looks like because she has sunglasses on
The photo is too far away
The photo looks too sexy I’m not looking for a one night stand
What she is wearing is too revealing why is she showing it all off now
Why would she be wearing a bikini it’s a bit too try hard
When they pout in the photo it makes them look miserable

And this is what they say when the girl is a yes….

She looks really friendly in the photo because she is smiling
I really like what she is wearing she looks pretty
She looks classy
She doesn’t have a lot of photos so she isn’t desperate
She looks attractive
She looks like a nice girl

You may not get as many guys by changing from having lots of photos to only two (a head shot and a body shot.)
You may not get as many guys if you remove the bikini shots, the selfies, the sexy photos and the revealing photos, however you will get more higher quality guys and you are only looking for one guy for the rest of your life your future husband.

Be the best version of you, put your best foot forward you deserve to find a quality guy.

Love Lyn x

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