How To Keep His Interest?


How To Keep His Interest?!!

This answer may surprise you. When I am coaching my clients I hear over and over again;
but won’t he lose interest,
won’t he think I’m not interested,
won’t he start dating another girl if I don’t show I’m interested,
the answer is no!!

He will however lose interest, if you make it too easy for him, guys like a challenge, guys need a challenge, a guy is at the best of his whole life when he his chasing a girl. He will lose interest in a girl if she makes it too easy for him. One of the hardest things to do in dating is to think how a guy thinks.

Here is a list of some things that will keep his interest;

Taking more than 30 minutes to answer a text, remember the time you texted a guy first even though you knew you shouldn’t have, how many times did you look at your phone whilst you were waiting for his response? How many times did you think about him whilst you were waiting for his response? This is true for a guy, when he is waiting for the response he is thinking about you more.

Not answering every text. If he texts a photo you don’t always need to respond, one thing I tell my clients is ‘no questions, no response’ let him get excited as to whether he will receive a text or not, once again he won’t think you’re rude, just not desperate.

Keep texting to a minimum, I tell my clients ‘one text a day is more than enough’ unless he his trying to set up a date, to be honest the texting should only be about setting up a date, however you can answer one in every three or four of the boring one liners like ‘How was your day’

You don’t need to call him back if he called you and left a message to call him back or even if he didn’t leave a message, the best thing to do is to write when you are able to take his call ‘sorry I missed your call :)’ let him call you.

Don’t sleep with him too soon, we coach so many guys and the one thing they say is that are sick of how easy it is to sleep with girls. The seem really interested in the girl and even though they enjoy the sex and what a great night they had they talk differently about her afterward, they go from wow she is amazing to I’m not sure if she is right for me. The guy wants to feel special and that you are a prize that with time, patience and work he will win that special prize.

Don’t ask him out or drop hints about seeing him again, don’t offer to ask him to your friends wedding as you need a plus one and you don’t want to go alone, you will send things backwards. Don’t ask when will I see you again, guys are very black and white, if they want to see you again they will ask you, if you ask them you will never know if they see you as their dream girl or just the casual girl for now, nobody wants to be the casual girl.

Doing these thing he won’t make him think you are being rude just that you are busy, that you don’t live and die by your phone. That you have a life, that you aren’t waiting around desperately for some guy, you have lots of options and you will get back to him when you have time. All of these things are really exciting to a guy, he knows you are safe to date because you are likely to not nag him about where he is gong, when will you see him, and ask him to spend more time with you, all of these things are a refreshing change to a guy.

One of the most attractive features to a guy is a girl that has confidence and that confidence comes from the mindset, I can take you or leave you, I’m not desperate or needy, I don’t put up with bad behaviour and there are billions of guys out there, he isn’t the only one.

My very wise Grandma (a Rules Girl on steroids!!) used to say to me;

‘just go wash him out of your hair and get another one tomorrow’

Such wisdom that we all need to take hold of, if you are the dream girl wild horses won’t stop him.

Less is more, the less interest you show the more they will like you.

Say yes to a date, show up on the date, smile and laugh and guess what, he will know you are interested, that’s enough!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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