Is There Such A Thing As Love At First Sight


Is There Such A Thing As Love At First Sight??


So the answer to the question is ABSOLUTELY!!

You will quite often read about it in the media, how the guy knew right away that she was the one for him.

One of these classic cases was George Clooney, he saw Amal and he knew straight away that she was going to be his wife, I have spoken many times that both my husbands felt the same way and my Father felt the same way about my Mother. These stories are just to name a few.

You can waste so much time and not to mention anxiety when you keep trying to get the guys attention or get him to ask you out or even get him to marry you, some of these many include…..

changing who you are,

bending over backwards,

dressing a way that he likes,

wearing your hair the way he likes,

driving to see him because he asks you to,

texting him because he asks you to,

sending provocative photos because he asks you to,

cooking for him,

showing him how amazing you are in bed,

seeing him last minute because he asks to see you,

lending him money,

getting tattoos because he thinks they are sexy,

moving in with him,

accepting abusive behaviour,

not expecting him to take you out, movies at home are fine with you,

hanging around long enough hoping he will change his mind.

However none of these will work, actually I will rephrase that, they might work, however the marriage or the relationship won’t be that great.

God whispers in the guy’s ear and tells him that you are the one.

Your job is to simply ……

respond by saying yes to a date,

dressing nicely for the date,

acting bright and breezy on the date,

not to be negative on the date,

don’t be controlling on the date.

If we try to hard to ‘make it happen’ and maybe it isn’t meant to happen with that guy, maybe we are missing out on the right guy because we are try too hard with the wrong guy.

I know myself that when I stopped dating the guy that wasn’t right for me I met my husband, when Krystal stopped dating the guy that wasn’t right for her, she also met her husband and it happened very quickly afterwards.

Think of an accident scene and there is a person on the footpath that is dying in front of you and the ambulance is trying to get through, however you are telling them that it is ok you can handle it, and blocking the way.

This is a little like when God is trying to give you the right guy but you aren’t trusting him in showing you who is wrong for you, you are in the way by trying to control this situation yourself.

Sometimes we need to get out of our own way (stop trying to control who is in our life) and let God show you who is right for you.

I know it can be very lonely being single sometimes, but the truth is, it is far lonelier being in the wrong relationship or marriage than being single. Embrace being single for the time that you are there is good in every season of our lives.

P.s. Exciting news in the last 2 weeks, we have another Dating Angel Baby on the way and another engagement.

Our client came to us in a toxic relationship and with our help had the courage to end it, 4 weeks later she met her now Fiancé, who proposed after 6 months, the wedding is in February, we are so happy for her. This is why we love our Job!!
Krystal and Lyn

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