No More Tears!!



I’m currently in Bali with my husband and where ever I travel in the world I always find a local Church to go to.

This Sunday was no exception although this Sunday was different.

I noticed a lady arriving late with a cap pulled down over her face and sat at the back.

At the end of the service when the Pastor asked if anyone would like Prayer for anything this lady was the first to walk to the front, she stood there and I felt an overwhelming urge to go pray for her. She was so broken, sobbing so hard she couldn’t speak, she was clammy and shaking, it took a while for her words to come out.

Eventually she said would you pray for my partner Tommy to come back.

My heart broke for her, I wanted to ask her so many questions and find a way to help her, but instead I just prayed for her, it wasn’t the time or place.

My job is more than money to me, my job is life or death.

I had so many if only’s going through my mind……

If only I could have coached her before she met Tommy
If only I could have held hand and guided her when she was dating Tommy
If only she knew not to ask him to come back, if he was meant to he would
If only I had the opportunity to teach all girls how to date without the tears

Recently we posted on Instagram

Being brokenhearted is like having broken ribs. On the outside it looks like nothing’s wrong, but every breath hurts.’
We received over 150 new subscribers to the one picture, there are many broken hearts.

Broken hearts can be avoided if we have trust and faith that he is the guy and you are the girl, if he sees you as the dream girl he will pursue you, as my Mum always said to me ‘Wild Horses Won’t Stop Them, they will want race you to the altar.’

So how can we avoid the broken heart and the tears…

No need to text him to know you’re alive
No need to sleep with him too soon to show him how great you are in bed
No need to ask him out
No need to buy him things
No need to pay half for dinner
No need to go up to him first
No need to flirt with him
No need to contact him first online
No need to initiate
No need to live together before you are married
No need to date for longer than a year without a ring

In fact the best thing you can do is ……

To know your value
Have boundaries
Have standards
Respond when asked on a date
Be prepared to let the wrong guy go

Often we date the wrong guy for fear of being alone.

However, I like to use the analogy

‘If I am holding handfuls of dirt in my hands how can someone replace it with gold’

Maybe this is you
Maybe you want to start to date a different way
Maybe you aren’t sure if the guy you are with is the right one
Maybe you want no more tears

Today is the first day of the rest of your life and today is the day you can make changes with the way you date or the relationship you are currently in, no matter how much of a mess it might seem.

Today is the day you might need and Angel to hold your hand!!

Love Krystal and Lyn


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