Text Fest What A Mess

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Text Fest What A Mess!!


When out at a bar one night, she meets this really cute guy. he asks for her number, she is on cloud nine.

This guy is the best prospect she has met in a long time and can’t believe he asked for her number.
He texts constantly,

‘Good Morning Beautiful’

‘How’s your day’

‘Miss you Babe’
She is smitten with him and he appears to be smitten with her. The second the text comes through she immediately writes back ‘Miss you too Babe’
Every text he sends feels like a drug hit to her. The endorphins rush through her body and with each text she falls for him more and more.


When he texts she can’t wipe the smile off her face, she can’t wait for the next ‘hit’.


After a week of this constant texting back and forth she thinks she has found the one, she thinks this guy is crazy about her too, however there is no date.


She finds herself checking her phone constantly. She is telling all her friends about him and refers to him as her boyfriend.


She finds herself telling him all about her day and her life through these text fests.


One day there was 15 texts. She can’t believe how this really cute guy is so into her.


This texting goes on for a couple of weeks.


Then suddenly…


The texts slow down, she texts him and asks ‘what is going on’, ‘is he ok?’, his response is a long time off and it is very short and sharp.


She is in a spin, the more she tries to get his attention through the texts the less he answers. She even tries to call but he doesn’t answer. Soon none of her texts get answered.


She is so upset, what happened to her boyfriend, why did he stop responding, what did she say wrong?


She asks all of her girlfriends, they analyse the messages for hours and come up with lots of contradicting ideas.


Has this happened to you??


Here is an explanation as to why new guys you meet do this and how to avoid this happening to you.


Guys see text messages very different to women. Guys can text for a variety of reasons including boredom, manipulation and ego stroking, how many girls can I get to message me.


A guy gets a text message, reads the message, puts the phone in his pocket, and watches the football.


He doesn’t over analyse the message, he comes from a place of fact, he takes the the message for what it says factually.


A woman gets a text message, reads it 20 times, analyses it with 10 girlfriends and tries to find what the message might mean when interpreted 5 different ways.


To guys text messages really have no value, they take no effort on his part, he can send a text when he is stuck in a queue, at the traffic lights or even whilst on the toilet.


He can send the same text message to 20 girls at once.


Think of text messages like filling on junk food, do you want to spoil your amazing meal at the 5 start restaurant?


Text messages should be nothing more than setting up a date, save the getting to know you on a date.


If you want to find out if you are the Casual Girl (the one he wants to hangout with, sleep with) or his Dream Girl (the one he wants to take home to Mom, the one he wants to marry) then follow these guidelines;
*      Keep your text message responses to no more than 5 words, that  way you can’t say too much
*      No need to respond to all the boring ‘one liners’ like ‘How’s you day”, ‘Good morning beautiful’ answer one in 3 or 4. You just never know if he is sending this to 20 other girls

*      No question, no response. Let him give you a picture or a statement, he doesn’t necessarily expect a response.

*      Stop responding after 5 text messages if he hasn’t asked you on a date, you don’t want a pen pal you want a husband!!


A guy won’t fall in love with you via text message, he needs to see you, touch you, look at you, feel your presence!!

I understand that today everybody texts, however guys are still guys, they are still problem solvers, if they can’t get much information from you via text and they see you as a potential dream girl they will call and ask you on a date. If the guys disappear when you don’t text much or turn around and blame you for not putting in much effort they have just let you know that they see you as casual girl and you haven’t wasted months or years or your life not to mention boxes of Kleenex!!

Life is too short to waste with time wasters, know your value, you are beautifully and wonderfully made, you deserve a wonderful marriage.

Grace, Lyn and Krystal
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