The One That Got Away

When we first hear about this new way to date, one thing that goes through our mind is all the mistakes we have made.

I know this is true for me, when I first read ‘The Rules book’ I sat up all night crying saying to myself 
 ‘you idiot, you did everything wrong!!’.

The good thing is that each day is a new beginning, so I dusted myself off and I was determined to do things differently and I never looked back.

Another thing that can quite often go through your mind is
‘what if?’,
what if I had known about this way to date when I was with my ex,
what if I had known about this way to date with the other guys I had dated,
would things have turned out differently?

Maybe you are saying to yourself,
if I only I had another chance I wouldn’t call him or text him all the time,
if only I had another chance I would have let him do the chasing.

Sometimes in life we get that second chance and sometimes we don’t. There are some practical things we can do.

If you were dating a guy and you didn’t know how to date this way and you felt like you had made so many mistakes you may get a chance to do things differently next time.

There may be another chance, however proceed with caution, you don’t want a broken heart all over again.

You need to adapt the mindset of what is meant to be, will be.

You could send a simple text to the guy you were dating or in a relationship with in the past and simply say


nothing more.

Once you send the text don’t expect a response once again you don’t want a broken heart.

What happens after this will give you an indication how he feels about potentially reengaging in communication with you.

This will be a win/win for you either way.

If he doesn’t respond you can put it to bed once and for all and move on without wondering
‘what if’.

If he does respond you want to treat it like you would with a new guy.

Wait 24 hours to respond back
Send back no more than 5 words
Respond only 4 times
if he hasn’t asked you out within 4 messages stop responding until he does.

If he feels like you may have been the one that got away he will want to see you face to face not get into a text fest to nowhere.

You want to make sure he isn’t just responding for his ego.

The whole idea is to show you are different now.

In life things happen for a reason and it always works out for our good for those who have trust and faith.

You need to really think carefully before you do this

Is this the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with?
Does he have good character?

Love Lyn x


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