The Questions Got Answered!!

The Questions Got Answered!!

We have had a very busy week with Krystal and I having an interview and nearly a full page article featured in The Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper for The Dating Angel talking all things Dating and Relationships.
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Dating and relationships are such a hot topics at the moment with reality TV shows such as Married At First Sight currently airing in Australia. It is interesting for Krystal and I as we both watch it with our husbands and listening to their comments when watching the show reconfirms over and over again that what we teach girls is what guys want in girls.

At the start of our last seminar we asked the girls to write down anonymously any questions they may have and the entire seminar ended up being based purely on questions and answers as we had so many to get through.

There seem to be the same theme to most of the questions which is
‘If I don’t do this I am afraid he will break up with me’

Whilst listening to the questions it was really sad for me how some guys try to manipulate the girls and the girls don’t have the courage to say no.

Some of the questions were based on the guys complaining that the girls don’t do enough for the guy, these included;

What should I do when he asks me to text him more?
Answer; “smile and say I’ll try harder’ however rarely text first or text back much

What should I do when he complains about me not driving to see him?
Answer; say ‘I understand’ and simply don’t change, rarely drive to see him

What should I do when he wants to call me every night and gets mad if I don’t pick up?
Answer; ‘Nothing’ just let him vent and don’t try to justify why you couldn’t pick up, when you are married you will pick up every call.

The girls were worried that the guy would think they were rude and would want to break up with them, but what’s the truth, did you ask him to text you and then tell him you would text him back – no, he texted of his own free will, therefore you are not  being rude, just busy!! Did you ask him to call you and tell him you would answer his call, once again no, he did it of his own free will and you are busy.

This doesn’t turn a guy off, however if you give in to his every demand he will lose value and respect for you and he may not even know why himself.

If he breaks up with you over a non returned text or phone call then what was the foundations of the relationship built on, is he going to throw a tantrum and take his bat and ball and go home every time he doesn’t get his own way. You’re not married yet, give him something to look forward to when you are married, otherwise there isn’t much difference.

It’s ok to say no, it;’s ok not to answer every text and phone call, it’s ok to say no to sex if you don’t feel comfortable.

Update on Miss N from last week, she had been ignoring the guy who said he wasn’t sure if he could wait until they were married until they had sex. He came back with a very humble heart and realised the importance of waiting even though he thought after a couple of months he would want to be sleeping with the girl, he had tried that on a few other occasions and it didn’t work. He was so impressed with her stance that he told her ‘I can’t believe I found you, you are one in a million!!’ He is taking her out for Valentine’s Day.

This may not be your stance but when a guy complains about something don’t bend over backwards trying to make him happy, it’s not your job, he needs to be happy within himself.

Stay strong in what is important to you and if he ends it with you, he would have anyway, at least this way you don’t waste your precious, valuable time.

Whilst you are hanging onto the wrong guy, how will you meet the right guy, he is out there looking for you, he may walk by if he sees you with another guy.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you are single, in a relationship or married.

We want you to find everlasting love, that’s what we are here for!!

Love Krystal and Lyn 

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