Valentine’s Day Help

Valentine’s Day Help!!

This week saw our first seminar that Krystal and I conducted together, everyone that came said they loved it and learnt so much. We are looking to record the next one for those of you who don’t live on the Gold Coast, we will keep you posted.

So it’s only 1 week to Valentine’s Day and this can conjure up much anxiety and sadness, however it doesn’t have to. It can be a great time to take a good look at your relationship and days like Valentine’s Day can give you an indication how he feels about you, are you the Casual Girl or Dream Girl.

Here are some tips to help you if you are in a relationship;

Try not to drop any hints, you really want to act in your feminine and wait and watch what his actions are, he should be trying to book you for Valentine’s Day by now.

There is no need to buy him a gift, depending on how long you have been together a simple card is enough or no card at all is fine too. Keep the card in your bag and only give it him if he gives you one first.

Try not to give him a hard time if he didn’t get you anything, enjoy the date, don’t pout, however think very clearly if this is another red flag on top of some you may be ignoring. The same if he doesn’t offer to take you out, no sending mean texts telling him how disappointed you are, stop and think, is he the one for me.

If a guy is thinking that he would like to spend the rest of his life with you, if he is thinking marriage, he is thinking about trying to make you happy and impress you. Valentine’s Day is advertised everywhere, it would be very hard to miss.

if he says;

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day it’s so commercial – Red Flag, even if it is true he would still want to do someone he would know is important to you.

It doesn’t have to be a measure of his love by how fancy the restaurant is or how expensive the gift is, it’s more about, what is his actions, is he making an effort, he could organise a picnic of all your favourite foods, or he could have driven to his Grandma’s house to pick her roses for you because they have a beautiful scent, we think he should do something that shows you that he values you and wants to make you smile and has made an effort.

If you aren’t in a relationship then;

Plan to catch up with a friend and go to dinner

Try not to be jealous but value the time you still have as being single

Try to be happy for those that are in love and know that your time is coming soon

Be grateful you aren’t in a relationship with a time waster, you are better off being single than with the wrong one.

We had a client share her story about the guy she had been on 5 dates with. He asked her via text what her plans are for next Thursday (Valentine’s Day, he just never mentioned those words) she said

‘no plans yet’
Later that night he called her and asked her if her faith means she wouldn’t have sex before she was married and she said to him

‘it is a special gift I would like to give my husband’
He said he understood and said he wasn’t prepared to wait so she ended things with him, (it’s fairly likely even if she did sleep with him he would have ended it anyway). How easy would it have been to say ‘let’s see how it goes’ just to get that date for Valentine’s Day, she simply wasn’t going to compromise her boundaries and morals for anyone especially just so she can say she had a date for Valentine’s Day. I know that this is a controversial subject but the message is, are you going to meet up with a guy that’s not really into you just for Valentine’s Day? Please don’t compromise what is important to you on Valentine’s Day or any other day, you are worth so much more.

Jesus loves you and his love is the greatest of all!!

Have trust and faith, he’s out there looking for you.

We love you and want you to find everlasting love!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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