What Are The Red Flags In Dating?

Red Flags in Dating, What Are They??
As women we tend to make excuses for guy’s bad behaviour, one of them is ‘But, I love him!!’
That one statement seems to accept up a list of ‘red flags’ that we seem to ignore, cover up or dismiss all in the name of love.

When we are dating one of the most important things we need to be aware of is a guy’s character. Lust won’t last and looks will fade, but character will take us all the way to the end. His character will be revealed very early when you don’t initiate but respond.

As Sherry Argov wrote in her book Why Men Loves Bitches is
‘if they are a wolf in sheep clothing the whiskers will soon pop out’.
How many of us, cut the whiskers off or try to tuck them back in, however the truth is they are still there.

You can sometimes see a guys character traits in the following ways ……

A guy with good character won’t write anything in a message to try to make you feel uncomfortable and cover it up as a joke, an example might be;

‘Let’s see if you can do better then your 5 word responses lol’
You might get back to me within 3 days if I’m lucky lol’
‘you took so long to back to me, have you been kidnapped lol’
‘you don’t say much, are you shy lol’
‘How about we give each other a massage lol’

and the list goes on…

He won’t try to make you feel uncomfortable on a date either, his objection if he sees you as the Dream Girl is to impress you and hopefully show you that he is worthy of being your husband.

He may offer to cook you dinner and when you politely decline by saying ‘thank you but I don’t feel comfortable with that yet’
he might say something like
‘what, don’t you trust me, I wasn’t going to try to sleep with you’

If he invites you to dinner and has to drive more than a hour away he might ask
‘do I need to get a hotel’ – red flag alert,
he is testing the water to see if he might be able to sleep with you.

If he wants to have a serious relationship with you he won’t want to scare you away, in fact believe it or not he will be happy to wait to have sex with you, he will appreciate the fact that you know your value.

If he constantly complains about doing all the work – red flag alert,
if he asks you to pay your half at dinner after he invited you – red flag alert,
if he asks you to come to his place again after you have already told him you don’t feel comfortable with that yet – red flag alert,
if he asks to come to your house after you have already told him you don’t feel comfortable with that yet – red flag alert.
If he suggests sex – red flag alert
If he gives you a backhanded compliment – red flag alert

Be very aware of a guy that says something hurtful but tries to cover it up as a joke. You want to be nothing but the Dream Girl there is no point in being the Casual girl because it is only a matter of time before you will be hurt. Please don’t make excuses for him by saying ‘but I love him’. 
You will fall in love again and when one door closes another opens and it is always better. 

You deserve to be valued
You deserve to be treated with respect
You deserve to be adored
You deserve to be spoilt 
You deserve to be loved
You are nothing but a Dream Girl!!

Love Krystal and Lyn x


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