What Makes You More Attractive


What Makes You More Attractive?

With Valentine’s Day over for another year I hope it was a chance to not only reevaluate your relationship but to also reevaluate what needs to change in your life to help you find your future husband.

We did have 2 clients end their relationships as their boyfriends chose to do nothing for them for Valentine’s Day, they both realised there were many red flags they were ignoring and this reconfirmed that they weren’t the right guys for them, now they have made the way open to meet the right guys for them.

Surprisingly enough they were not upset but relieved they weren’t going to waste any more time.

My son is now a teenager and he has always been interested in my profession, I have overheard him on many occasions giving some great dating advice.

We were on a long drive the other day and it was a great opportunity to ask him about girls and dating, I said may I ask you some questions for my blog, he said ‘Sure Mum!!’

The question I asked was ‘What makes you like a girl’

This was his answer…..
Of course she would have to be attractive to me.
Then I would like to get to know her to see what she is like.
She would either be more attractive or less attractive to me by what she says and does.

Please elaborate I ask…..
Well, if she swears that is a major turnoff, it makes me think she is one of the boys.
If she talks too much it makes me feel like she is ‘in my face’.
If she texts me too much I can’t be bothered answering all the time.
If she texts with lots of abbreviated words or emojis, makes me think she is always on her phone, why can’t she just use proper grammar and punctuation.
If she is trying to hang around me to get to notice her, it’s really obvious, I either like her or I don’t I know what she looks like, she doesn’t have to remind me.
If she gets her friends to tell me she likes me, that’s annoying because if I like her, I like her and I don’t need someone to tell me I should like her.

How interesting, even at a young age we can see similarities in how and what guy thinks what makes a girl more or less attractive to him.

So ask yourself;
Do you text with lots of abbreviated words and emojis, it is time to keep your texts short and with correct spelling?
Do you text a guy a lot, maybe it’s time to answer very few of his texts rather then texting first or all answering ever text?
Are you hanging around a guy hoping he will ask you out?
Have you asked a friend to let the guy know you like him?
Do you swear around a guy thinking he will be impressed and think your cool?

What we think makes us more attractive to a guy or cool to a guy may actually be turning him off.

What makes a guy more attracted to you is your femininity, acting like a lady, dressing like a lady and being lady like.

Watch what you say and how you say it, no need to swear and try to use a sweet tone to your voice, men can respond more to your tone of voice rather than what you say.

Looking inward can be difficult sometimes, however making some small changes can make all the difference.

If you need some help with any of these things, please reach out to us we are here to help.

Have trust and faith, he’s out there looking for you.

We love you and want you to find everlasting love!!

Love Krystal and Lyn

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Sometimes you need an Angel by your side to hold your hand.



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