What’s Changing?

What’s Changing?


There seems to be so many guys following our Facebook Page and Instagram and due to popular demand we are now coaching men.

The really exciting part starts for you.

Our goal at the Dating Angel is to help you get married, but not just get married but to have a long, happy marriage with a man that you adore and who adores you. Krystal and I both have that and we want that for you too.

To also be happy whilst your single and date with boundaries and standards.

The guys that have approached us are telling us they are sick of Online Dating, they don’t want to go to bars and clubs that just want to meet a great girl to have a serious relationship with.

One of the reasons that Krystal and I make great Coaches is that our husbands tell us the truth about why a guy does and what he does, why he thinks the way he thinks, what puts a guy off and more importantly what was different about Krystal and I after years of being single, why we were the ones they wanted to marry.

For me personally I am actually almost 4 years older than my husband and I am sure he dated much younger and perhaps much prettier girls than me, however he chose me.

This has a lot to do with a combination of things….

My Grandmother who taught me 2 things
1. Don’t run for a man like you would for a tram there will be another one along in a minute.

2. Just get rid of that one, get another one, there is plenty out there, she even used to tell me to go wash him out of your hair!!

My mother who taught me,
he’s just a guy, don’t worry about it, why would you chase a guy, you aren’t that desperate,
In fact if I told my Mum to call a guy, ask him over to cook him dinner and have sex with him after knowing him for a few months, she would look at me very puzzled in fact I would probably get the same reaction if I asked her to rob a bank, in her mind both things are stupid!!

The Rules Book,
Which is a great guide line that is easy to follow.

So, the advantages of us coaching men is for you….

If you have that burning question you would like to ask a guy, we can ask it for you.

Coaching guys will give us an opportunity to find out what guys out there are wanting and in the process we will be doing some matchmaking, if you are interested in going on some dates and would like to be added to our Dating Data Base, send us an email to [email protected]

We will be able to post what guys are telling us that is putting them off in dating and what they are looking for in a girl.

I speak to so many great guys that are wanting a serious relationship, I speak to so many great girls that are wanting a serious relationship, now is our chance to join the dots.

So if you know of a single guy out there that needs some help, let us know.

I think the number of wedding will will be going to has just doubled!!

Remember we too dated badly, we are here to hep you learn a different way, we want you learn what we have learnt that works..

Let us know how we can help you, what questions we can answer, what we can be doing differently and what we can write about for you.

Make this Christmas the last as a single girl!!

Have trust and faith, he’s out there looking for you.

Love Krystal and Lyn

The Dating AngelsTo ask us a dating question, email us at
[email protected]
Visit us at www.thedatingangel.com.au

If you need more help with your relationship or how to have more success in dating, follow this link to schedule a free dating and relationship evaluation.

Sometimes you need an Angel by your side to hold your hand.



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