Where Do I Start??


Where Do I Start?!!

Once again we had a great time at our last seminar and the girls that came were like ‘deer in the headlights’ there is so much to learn about dating, relationships and men.

The success of our seminars are based on you not us, we aren’t having seminars to talk at you but rather to find out how we can help you by answering your questions.

At our seminars we encourage our guests to write anonymous questions and the majority of the time is spent answering them. I have kept a copy of the questions and will use these questions for future Blogs including the one today.

The question that was asked was;

‘I don’t want to Online Date, what are my options?’

There are two parts to the answer to that question.

The first part is there are many other options….
Speed Dating
Singles Parties
Private Parties
Meet Up Groups
Sporting Groups
Blind Dates
Matchmaking Agencies
Anywhere really is an opportunity to meet guys, I have even been asked on a date at the hardware!!

The other part to the question is,
‘for what reason don’t you want to Online Date?’

There are a number of reasons for this and the first reason is fear, however fear sometimes can be…

If you are fearful for your safety, what is the truth, it is probably safer to Online Date as you can easily block the guy without seeing him face to face or giving too much information away if he doesn’t behave well. You can just as easily be followed home from the supermarket or from work as you can on a date. If you don’t want to Online Date because you are scared of a stalker, you will generally not attract a stalker if you have a high quality profile, not writing too much or responding too soon.

If you don’t want to Online Date because you don’t want anyone to know you are single, what’s the truth, you are single and being single isn’t a disease. In fact being single can be seen in a positive light, at least you aren’t wiling to settle for second best, with a time waster or in a toxic relationship. If someone does mention that they saw you on an Online Dating site they are probably on the site too.

If you don’t want to Online Date because you have had a bad experience, why let someone’s else’s bad behaviour stop you finding a great husband. Online Dating can be like operating a chainsaw, if you try to use a chainsaw without instruction it can inflict harm, however with instruction it is very successful for its intended use. The same is with Online Dating, if you are coached on how to Online Date it can be fun and very successful, however without the proper instruction it can inflict harm.

7/10 of our client find their husbands online (Krystal included), Don’t let fear stop you, don’t let the lies in your head stop you, why not look back on your life with no regrets and think to yourself and did everything I could to meet my future husband. Image if Krystal let the fear of her previous bad experiences of Online Dating stop her, she may not have her wonderful husband and beautiful son. You have more to gain than to lose.

If you are unsure if Online Dating if for you or you have had a previous bad experience, why not book a private complimentary chat with Krystal, she can talk to you about her experiences and explain how she can help you find your future husband, just like she did.

If you want a Ferrari, go to a Ferrari dealership, if you want a date go to a dating site!!.

Love Krystal and Lyn

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Sometimes you need an Angel by your side to hold your hand.



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